Building schools for the future

Rockfon has successfully worked together with Global Contract Interiors, Kier Construction and Architects Seymour Harris, to establish a fully compliant range of acoustic solutions that meet the required performance specifications at the new Phoenix Academy in Telford; built as part of the council’s Building Schools for the Future programme.

Around 2,000m² of Rockfon products: Rockfon Scholar and Samson wall panels; Rockfon Contour suspended baffles; and Rockfon Alaska (phased out, replaced by Rockfon Tropic) suspended raft islands, were installed throughout the school to improve acoustic sound absorption – particularly in areas where the design of the school meant that traditional suspended ceilings were unable to be installed.

Global Contract Interiors Director Chris Thompson, explained why Rockfon acoustic ceiling and wall solutions were chosen for the new academy, “The modern, innovative design of the school building provided a number of challenges. Rockfon produce a range of products which helped to overcome these difficulties and met the specifications for each of the different areas including acoustic requirements and installation restrictions. They also provide the finished look the architect desired, contributing to the success of the project.”

Achieving optimal acoustics 

One of the difficulties faced was achieving optimum acoustics in classrooms without soft floor coverings and with limited free wall space due to windows, doors, interactive white boards etc. To overcome this, a combination of Rockfon Scholar wall panels and Rockfon Contour free hanging baffles were installed to meet the acoustic requirements.

In the classrooms with the movable walls, the baffles were installed around the services affixed to the ceiling such as sprinklers and lights.

Innovative and versatile

The innovative design of Rockfon Contour baffles makes them easy to install in tight spaces. Manufactured from stone wool, these frameless baffles are ideal for enhancing acoustics in thermal mass areas or where frequent and unhindered access to services is required. Their versatility was put to good use in the double height vocational mall that runs between the classrooms at ground and first floor levels – over 300 baffles were installed at an angle to follow the pitch of the sloping room at a height of 6-9 metres. The smooth, matt, white finish of Contour provides excellent light reflection. It was for this reason they were co-ordinated with the suspended lighting and radiant panels which were also installed.

Jim Fogarty, Business Manager at Phoenix Academy was impressed by how well Rockfon’s baffles blend in with the décor of the new building and at the same time meet the acoustic requirements.

Phoenix Academy

The Curve
Shepherd's Bush
London W12 0RH


Phoenix Academy

国家:United Kingdom
建筑师:Architects Seymour Harris
Contractor:Kier Construction
安装程序:Global Contract Interiors
产品:Rockfon Tropic®
尺寸:600 x 600